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ABLe Change Training 

The ABLe Change training series is designed to help communities more effectively address significant social issues affecting children, youth, and families. The training provides participants with new ideas and practical tools for engaging diverse stakeholders in collective efforts to promote and sustain transformative change in their local community.

The core training content is designed to help participants and communities:

  • Understand how a systems change approach can be used to transform communities

  • Identify key community perspectives needed to understand and address systems change

  • Authentically engage diverse stakeholders, including families and constituents, in systems change efforts

  • Identify and assess the community and systems conditions to target for change

  • Develop a shared vision and agenda for change

  • Use root cause analysis to design strategies that address underlying causes to community problems

  • Build a climate for effective implementation of systems change strategies

  • Incubate small wins across the community to carry out systems change strategies

  • Shift community conditions impacting targeted problems

  • Collectively pursue more equitable outcomes

  • Engage in systemic action learning processes to create a more adaptive, responsive local system

Coaching and Consulting 

Coaching and consultation can be provided to support local sites in embedding ABLe Change practices within their efforts. This support can be offered on an ongoing basis to communities through one-on-one sessions and peer-to-peer learning formats, and is conducted using either in-person or web-based technology.

Workshops, Webinars, and Presentations 

In addition to the full ABLe Change training series, smaller scale workshops, webinars, and presentations can be designed to meet the specific learning and capacity-building needs of your community or organization. These sessions can be designed for a diverse range of stakeholders around a wide array of topics, from basic overviews of the systems change approach to intensive capacity-building around specific ABLe Change practices. These sessions are often aligned with the in-person ABLe Change trainings to support participants in learning about additional tools and concepts or enhancing their growing capacities.

Large Group Facilitation 

Services can also be provided to help communities facilitate large group processes such as collective visioning sessions, qualitative data collection, sense-making processes, and action learning. We work closely with clients to design facilitation processes that meet their specific needs and goals. 

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The content on this website is intended to complement ABLe Change Training and as such, the target audience is participants in ABLe Change offerings.  Materials are copyrighted by Michigan State University. You may not distribute, copy, or otherwise reproduce any portion of these materials without permission. 

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